Web Project Manager
  • Superpower
    Always knows everything that's going on, I don't miss a trick! Don't know a deadline, or where someone is? I probably do!
  • Kryptonite
    Clutter, chaos, disorganisation - will not be found without diary and planner in-hand.
Paige Coulthurst

Paige started off as Social Media Executive at Cornerstone just before graduating at Lancaster University. After a short while, Paige progressed to Digital Marketing Executive, working on the full digital spectrum before finding her passion in websites.

A degree in Management and Information Technology and a Professional Diploma in UX Design, makes for the perfect 'Web Project Manager' recipe.

Why I Do It

I love the clients at Cornerstone, they're all local clients or clients who we have built a really strong relationship with. I genuinely feel pride when they are happy and their business is growing as a result of our marketing campaigns and new web builds. I love seeing how a seemingly small digital campaign can deliver such BIG results! Every day is different, different clients, different projects, different skills required, and I love that!