Full Stack Developer
  • Superpower
    Seeing things from a different perspective. Attention to detail. Dad jokes. (So bad they’re good)
  • Kryptonite
    Poorly indented code. People who can’t park. Expensive Apple dongles. Kittens. Raindrops on roses. Bright copper kettles. (We added the last two)
Jonathan Haslam, Full Stack Developer at Cornerstone

Jonathan was born to code.

Since being knee high to a grasshopper he has been coding and tinkering with all things technical - from websites and computers to mobile phones and Tamagotchis.

Prior to joining the team Jonathan spent over 15 years working for nationally renowned clients across the sectors of sport, hospitality, property development and finance.

At Cornerstone he’s heavily involved in the development of new website builds, alongside the maintenance and upkeep of client websites.

In his spare time, you’ll find Jonathan washing his car - a lot (twice a week), as it’s white, but his choice.

He’s also an avid coin collector and loves a bit of K-pop!


Why I Do It

The excitement and prep work that goes into publishing a website live and the satisfaction of knowing thousands of people are viewing / reading your website on a daily or weekly basis.

Seeing your work out there in the public domain, from a small web link printed on a busines card to a large banner on the side of building billboard.

The thrill of finding a code bug and splatting it.