Digital Marketing Executive
  • Superpower
    Master of to do lists! (Favourite motto: ‘Live life by lists!’). Both personal and professional, lists are the best way for staying organised and on top of things.
  • Kryptonite
    Cheese. All day, every day. (Manchego Monday, Traditional Style Feta Tuesday – struggled for T, Wensleydale Wednesday, forget Thursday, Farmhouse Cheddar Friday, Swiss cheese Saturday – you get the idea)
Ellie Cutler-Shepherd

Ellie brings a wealth of marketing and agency experience, previously working with a variety of clients across leisure and hospitality through to life sciences.

She’s built a mean reputation for her social media and influencer work and will be putting that experience to good use to benefit our Cornerstone clients.


I really love going above and beyond in my work and outdoing any expectations from team members and clients.