David brings a wealth of knowledge to our client campaigns, with strategic marketing planning and digital knowledge that enhances and accelerates our client campaigns over and above their competitors.

With a strong marketing background and passion for driving clients’ businesses forward, David is actively involved in all major client campaigns and promotions.

Why I Do It

We believe that we can far exceed clients’ expectations on all levels, and do it quicker, and more cost effectively than many of our competitors, which is why many of our clients have never gone anywhere else. Our ethos is a no nonsense approach, and complete honesty. This is a reflection of both my personality, and the way in which I think business should be done.


Sarah heads up our creative department and has developed our creative offering since our launch in 2007. During that time she has had wide exposure to all areas of the business, such as digital, web, operations and client support, so is a solid and reliable all rounder, involved in many aspects of the agency.

She has developed her skills over the years to become an extremely creative and artistic designer with a passion for marketing, user journey and consumer behaviour and now leads our creative team in developing campaigns, brand strategy and creative projects.

Why I Do It

I love seeing how creative works within a full campaign and how it compliments other technology and marketing channels to create really successful results. Design underpins a lot of what we do for our clients and I find it really interesting how design can play a highly influential role in brand positioning, consumer confidence, buying and purchase decisions when melded with a solid marketing strategy.

Graphic design has always been my passion, but working in a full service agency has enabled me to have that wider overview of how all aspects of a campaign can come together to achieve really amazing results.


Nicola graduated from Huddersfield University in 2010. Soon after, she applied for a position at Cornerstone and has become a welcome member of the team, taking on the role of Graphic Designer.

Nicola has plenty of talent in illustration and creative design, ensuring our clients receive a creative marketing piece that meets their requirements whilst driving awareness and demand.

Why I Do It

Cornerstone gave me the fantastic opportunity of joining the team shortly after graduating. It’s an enthusiastic, fun and exciting environment to work in. The main reason I chose to join Cornerstone was their attitude & approach towards their clients. They have a great company ethos & always ensure they have their clients’ and staff’s best interests at heart.


Dave has over 10 years design agency experience and has been working in the industry since completing his degree at Salford University, where he gained a 2:1 in Graphic Design.

With a true passion for typography and all things graphic design, Dave helps to add another strong element of creativity and style to our client campaigns, helping to develop and build on their market presence and difference.

Why I Do It

For as long as I can remember I have enjoyed designing. From a child, building unique creations with Lego; through education and into my professional career, I always take great pride in what I create and my passion for the industry hopefully shines through. Joining Cornerstone was a breath of fresh air for me as it gave me the opportunity to do what I love within a positive environment with a variation of work that makes every day different and exciting!


Jess joined Cornerstone as an account executive in January 2017 following freelance roles within marketing and PR fields.

Exploring her passion for all thing digital, Jess embarked on several training courses and became Cornerstone’s dedicated digital marketer within 12 months of joining the Cornerstone team. Jess gets involved in all digital work at Cornerstone including SEO, PPC, Social Media Management, Email Campaigns, UX, and Digital Strategy and Planning.

Why I Do It

Cornerstone is an incredibly fast paced and exciting working environment where no two days are the same. The level of autonomy and experience I have gained in my role (in such a short space of time!) is something I owe to the growth and success level of Cornerstone as a company. Digital marketing allows me to use both the creative and analytical sides of my brain every day which I love. With our digital service offering growing rapidly at Cornerstone, I can’t wait to see what’s next!


Nothing taxes our Ali. (First terrible finance pun out of the way. Prepare for more)

It’s been adding up for Ali since 2001, working as a tax assistant for her dad’s business after leaving college before moving into accounts.

She then spent 11 years totting up her financial skills in the accounts department of a privately owned nursing home – gaining her AAT qualification in 2011 – before becoming a much-loved member of the Cornerstone team in 2018.

Alongside overseeing client and management financial accounts she’s also in charge of payroll – so we like to keep in her good books.

But she’s not just the queen of cashflow – Ali always has a big smile and an even bigger heart.

Kind, caring, bubbly and complete chatterbox ‘sum’ her right up.

Why I Do It

I love the idea of everything being perfectly balanced, so accounts seemed a good fit for me. Cornerstone has developed rapidly over the last few years so bringing the accounts functions in house was the next logical step and I am thrilled to have joined the team at this exciting time.


My role is to create strong, positive relationships with our clients and ensure they have the best possible experience and best possible results. I’m the reliable and pro-active, go-to person for your business or project.

I am a strategic thinker who will focus on the bigger picture so you can get on with running your business. Backed up with the experience, organisational skills and know-how to deliver what you need, on time and on budget!

My passion for marketing started in business studies at GCSE and A-Level, taking a particular interest in the theory behind marketing and what makes people ‘tick’. Afterwards, I began an apprenticeship at a full-service agency, developing the knowledge and skills to deliver successful, fully-integrated marketing services and also went on to become CIM qualified.

Why I Do It

I love getting under the skin of a business or project so that I can fully understand the challenge and develop solutions that make a difference. There is no “one size fits all” in this game. The variety of projects and people I meet along the way make for genuinely interesting and engaging work. There is nothing more satisfying than a job well done. Account management also satisfies my need to be constantly learning and constantly on the go. This industry never sits still.


Paige started off as Social Media Executive at Cornerstone just before graduating at Lancaster University. After a short while, Paige progressed to Digital Marketing Executive, working on the full digital spectrum before finding her passion in websites.

A degree in Management and Information Technology and a Professional Diploma in UX Design, makes for the perfect ‘Web Project Manager’ recipe.

Why I Do It

I love the clients at Cornerstone, they’re all local clients or clients who we have built a really strong relationship with. I genuinely feel pride when they are happy and their business is growing as a result of our marketing campaigns and new web builds. I love seeing how a seemingly small digital campaign can deliver such BIG results! Every day is different, different clients, different projects, different skills required, and I love that!


Kirsten has worked in graphic design for a number of years, with experience of print and digital projects.

This includes national business and professional magazines covering retail, hospitality, tourism and the hospice sectors along with print adverts and leaflets, email and website banner adverts, and other website elements.

Why I Do It

I’ve always liked graphic design, art and creative things. As a child I was always drawing and colouring.


Sam always knew he was on the correct career path. All the signs were right. Ba dum, tss. Bad jokes aside, Sam has extensive print and signage experience, working on large scale projects across the UK. Aside from his epic signage skills, his talents include manufacturing techniques such as wide-format printing, screen printing, engraving and acid-etching.

Day to day he oversees client print projects across all sectors, production and installation. He’s elevated to new heights thanks to his CSCS construction industry safety certification and license to operate ‘cherry picker’ platforms.

Why I Do It

Client satisfaction is top of the list for me. Print production is a skilled job and as individuals, and as a team, our ultimate aim is to have a happy customer.

I enjoy seeing a job progressing through the business from design to manufacture.


Steve arrived at Cornerstone with almost two decades of industry experience under his belt – and a rather cheeky sense of humour. He’s worked everywhere from London to Israel and studied art and design at Manchester College before heading to Manchester Met to study illustration and animation.

He’s a colourful character who brings an air of exuberance to the print room. He has an eye for detail, particularly handy when it comes to print and signage, and is a master installer who insists on the finest finish.

Why I Do It

I love the variety of my job – no two days are the same and we work across a diverse range of sectors and industries, meeting some great clients.
The Cornerstone team are a friendly, sociable bunch, there’s always a buzz – and we do enjoy letting our hair down every now and again!


Gill has been a journalist for way longer than she cares – or dares to remember. Formerly a news reporter, feature writer and beauty columnist working for newspapers across Greater Manchester, the switch flicked, the light came on and she headed straight for PR.

Gill works across a number of sectors including health, pharma, leisure and manufacturing, bringing a wealth of media insight and knowledge to help clients achieve PR wins in the most creative of ways. Her nifty wordsmither-y gets called upon for a whole manner of projects including PR campaigns, blogs, website content, social media, email marketing, opinion pieces and advertorials.

Why I Do It

Good question. I love telling other people’s stories and nurturing an idea from start to finish.
PR has had a bad rep over the years, needs a good PR person probably. But pushing the likes of Ab Fab’s Edina and Patsy aside – and I’ve worked with many fashion and beauty PRs who were absolutely nothing like them, I love the ethical approach at Cornerstone which is totally appreciated by clients and makes my job a pleasure to do.
Still partial to a glass of Veuve Clicquot and a party if anyone’s offering.


Jonathan was born to code.

Since being knee high to a grasshopper he has been coding and tinkering with all things technical – from websites and computers to mobile phones and Tamagotchis.

Prior to joining the team Jonathan spent over 15 years working for nationally renowned clients across the sectors of sport, hospitality, property development and finance.

At Cornerstone he’s heavily involved in the development of new website builds, alongside the maintenance and upkeep of client websites.

In his spare time, you’ll find Jonathan washing his car – a lot (twice a week), as it’s white, but his choice.

He’s also an avid coin collector and loves a bit of K-pop!


Why I Do It

The excitement and prep work that goes into publishing a website live and the satisfaction of knowing thousands of people are viewing / reading your website on a daily or weekly basis.

Seeing your work out there in the public domain, from a small web link printed on a busines card to a large banner on the side of building billboard.

The thrill of finding a code bug and splatting it.


Maddy may be an apprentice, but she’s already taught us a thing or two.

Making a well-considered choice to earn AND learn, she’s currently working towards a Level 3 Digital Marketing Qualification and awaiting her A Level results in English Language, English Literature and History (we know she’ll smash it). Her passions are social media and email marketing, and she works across all clients and sectors creating content and helping to develop e-marketing strategies.



I’ve been obsessed with social media ever since I created my first ever Instagram account in September 2014 (shuffling uncomfortably as we delve into the mists of 2010).

I love to generate ideas and watch them grow into a social post, a new section on a client website, or even a whole new email strategy. Watch this space folks!

As an apprentice, I love being able to learn whilst I earn in a supportive, hard-working work environment whilst working with the best people and clients in a job role I love.


Cheryl began her marketing career handling press and print for clients in the retail and home improvement sectors at a Manchester agency. She was head hunted as a marketing manager by a glass and aluminium structures firm where she helped to secure product placement slots on Channel 4’s Grand Designs series. (But did you meet the actual Kevin McCloud???) She went on to be Head of Customer Services, overseeing operations and customer journeys. Cheryl recently joined Cornerstone which in her words is ‘the best commute ever’ – she only lives over’t th’hill. She’s now developing strategies and campaigns for clients across a range of industries including leisure and property.


I love seeing everything come together, enjoy the various channels all contributing to the same effort. Loving Cornerstone for their ‘human’ approach to client work – we have a great leader in David who practices what he preaches. The team are all amazing – we all work hard, it’s a big part of our lives and it’s important to me to do what I enjoy and work well within my team.