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Wild In Art – The Snowdog Trails

Website Development

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The brief.

Wild In Art, a company dedicated to unifying all people through the promotion of art via mass participation in public art events, created a new participative art event called ‘Snowdog Art Trails’. The Snowdog, famous canine friend of The Snowman, became a series of giant sculptures across the UK painted by artists of all backgrounds.

The already famous nature of the Snowdog, and scale of this project meant Wild In Art approached Cornerstone to help them design and develop a highly customised ecommerce website that not only allowed for a smooth sales process, but also for a re-marketing and consumer loyalty programme, which was all automated and managed via third party email integrations and API’s.

The pitch.

Using Penguin’s brand guidelines and bespoke photography of each figurine, Cornerstone set out in designing what has to be one of our most visually striking pieces to date. The site was built with strong user experience in mind, ensuring an easily navigable flow, and strong calls to actions throughout.

As there were so many different artists and variations of Snowdog, it was important that the back end functionalities supported their collectors club and email marketing sufficiently. This was a piece of custom development, which saw collector club logins, product registrations, up-selling automated emails and customised back-office systems to make the management of the process more commercial than many standard ecommerce sites.

Delivery and outcome.

In the end, we created a website that was fun to develop and just as fun for consumers to use. The functionality incorporated into the website made it easy to see all that the Snowdog Art Trails have to offer, as well as an opportunity to purchase your own Snowdog.

The client was very pleased with the outcome and the strength of representation that was shown on behalf of the Snowdog brand. Back office systems are said to have made managing orders hassle free and accurate, which has helped the business scale and develop with ease.

Have a look at the website here.

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