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GMWDA (Greater Manchester Waste Disposal Authority)

Brand Overhaul and Bespoke Website

The brief.

After a successful pitch process, GMWDA (Greater Manchester Waste Disposal Authority) awarded Cornerstone with the contract for a complete rebrand, which entailed a logo redesign, design of a full suite of literature and development of a bespoke website.

GMWDA was part of a much larger scale project, including multiple brands which all needed to sit within a brand family, each with a different target audience / stakeholder.

The current branding was more traditional in its approach, didn’t give any indication of what the organisation does or tie in with any of the other brands. It was essential that each individual brand could be easily recognised as part of the brand family, subsequently lying at the core of our design process.

The pitch.

In order to tie the organisation’s brands together, and accurastely reflect the audience GMWDA serve (and others within the brand family), we incorporated the nine districts that make up Greater Manchester into the logo design, utilising the different colours associated to each of the councils. The ‘dashed line’ element shown above was created to reflect this.

GMWDA is the corporate arm of the brand family, so the design was simple and structured, which is well tailored and targeted to the core audience. The organisation name was added below the logo, so it was clear what the letters stand for and who they are on first glance.

Focus groups were carried out to explore consumer perceptions of the brand family, with tweaks being made to the logo to ensure the branding was inline with the individuals’ feedback.

Delivery and outcome.

The new brand has brought a new, fresher, more tailored look to GMWDA, creating a much more inspiring and positive perception and association with recycling, with a more corporate and professional feel.


The new, bespoke website is now well structured to serve out key information and resources to all key stakeholder groups, making their online experience much more polished and efficient, ultimately making the website a now valuable resource in their everyday activities.

The site is fully optimised for all devices, so even though the core audience accesses the site via desktop, information can be accessed equally as well regardless of the device being used.

The client was extremely happy with the outcome and the project laid the ground and set the bar (high!) for the development and roll out of the other brands within the wider organisation. So watch this space, these will be coming soon….

Check out the site here:

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