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Age UK Oldham Service Guide

Service Guide 2017 Literature Design

The brief.

Age UK Oldham wanted an overhaul of their existing Services Guide, not steering too far away from their existing design and layout, but requiring a new and more modern feel.

As a result, Age UK approached Cornerstone to review the existing layout and design, and work up something new and fresh, with a modern touch but not alienating the older target audience that the charity works with.

The Service Guides are distributed heavily throughout the borough, so it was essential the design encapsulated who Age UK are, bringing in a bit of personality to reflect the team who keep everything operating so well.

The pitch.

We changed the look and feel to make the guide much more user-friendly and increase the aesthetic appeal significantly. We utilised icons on the front cover and throughout to make it clearer for individuals when navigating through the various services, helping them to take everything in.

We introduced clearly colour co-ordinated sections to segregate the different groups of services, as well as introducing an icon for each service section to show the different offerings as easily as possible. White spacing was used as mush as possible throughout, and as you will see with the front cover in the images above, gives a much cleaner and simplistic look.

We also introduced graphics within the guide, complimentary of the content throughout to help break up the text and also reflect the staff at Age UK. The graphics reflect the soft side of the charity, helping improve the perceptions of accessibility to all services offered.

Delivery and outcome.

The graphic design work on the service guide was completed within an extremely tight deadline, with the client confirming on the Monday that they needed the completed guide printed and delivering for the following Tuesday. Through efficient management of the project and Cornerstone’s dedication to delivering, we were able to ensure everything was done within the agreed timescales, without comprising on the quality.

The Service Guide was initially distributed at an event and was received extremely well by everyone involved. The demand was higher than the supply as attendees wanted several copies to share with their friend and family, as they were liked so much.

The Chief Executive personally thanked us at the end of the project, stating our attention to detail was at a level they have never before experienced so that really was the cherry on top of a lovely project!

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