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We’ve got the strength to lift your marketing performance.

Leisure Centre Marketing

We love the leisure industry, and in our short time working in the sector, we’ve achieved some pretty amazing things!

1400% ROI

Some of our highlights have been generating over £15k of billing in three days for one happy client who spent just under £1,000 for that very campaign.
We think a 1400% ROI is pretty impressive, and so did our clients too.

Record Signups

We’ve also managed to hit record membership sign ups for one of our largest leisure clients, hitting records per centre that exceeded 220 per month, over 100 more than any other centre had previously achieved in that area before.

Beat the big boys

And then there’s competing with the ‘big boys’ of
the industry. We all know their names (we can’t obviously mention them!), but the ‘build it big and sell it cheap’ chains. Well, when these guys came to town, we developed a sales and marketing strategy with our client that not only fended off their attempts to diminish memberships, but actually increased them!

So what can your leisure centre marketing achieve with Cornerstone? Here’s a taster….

We get results.

Yep we said it. We don’t hide in the shadows afraid of putting our money where our mouth is. We work with you to get real, tangible results.

Whether that’s increased memberships, reduced advertising spend, increased organic search rankings, better member retention or improved brand experience, we can work with you to achieve exactly what you want, and within a timeframe and budget that’s agreed from day 1.

Glo Gym Email Campaign

We integrate with your systems.

No matter what system you use for your memberships and internal systems, we can most likely integrate with it.

We were the very first agency to set live a Gladstone responsive system, the first agency to push live a Fast DD responsive system, and we were also pleased to be one of the first to adopt some outstanding functionality from membr.

Why, because we love being the first, and love innovating for our clients.

Whether you’re on Gladstone, Legend, Membr, whatever, we’ll find a solution that’s right for you, and most importantly, adds value to your members!

Custom Login Screen

We build a stunning Online Presence.

Ever heard of the saying ‘All show no go?’

Well thankfully, our websites couldn’t be further from the saying.

They’re built to not only look stunning, but they’re also built to be effortless to use, easy to update and with Google’s latest guidelines in mind, meaning they show up on search results in a prominent position helping to generate you more quality and relevant traffic.

Our sites are structured to outperform their competitors, and are packed with functionality that will put your leisure centre well and truly on the digital map, all of which are fully responsive, meaning that mobile and tablet users gain an outstanding experience that will drive sales, engagement and retention.

OCL Website Design

Effortless Interactive Timetables.

Our websites don’t just look great and rank great either, they work harder for you as a leisure provider thanks to our bespoke interactive timetables.

This gives you full control, and at the click of a button, you can generate unique PDF timetables live from your website, which are not only great for members to download and print personally, but we can also generate bespoke press ready timetables, which your printers can put into full production too!

iTrain Gym Timetable Functionality

In Centre Advertising.

Using the Cornerstone TV platform, we can provide you with an interactive in-centre advertising platform that allows you to sell advertising space to businesses in your local area. This is all controlled from our central hub, and distributed out to each smart TV.

You can add video, animation, imagery and text and even specify which TV you wish to display the advert on.

With competitive display packages available, we can offer you a totally managed solution, or a hardware and display only option, whichever suits your needs.

Powerful Web Analytics.

There’s a big difference between adding Google Analytics to your website and actually integrating it to give you the most relevant, strategic data possible.

That’s why we spend days and weeks optimising your analytics integrations so we can understand every user interaction, sales funnel, event click and conversion, allowing us to better tailor your online presence for the future, and give users what they really want in order to drive increased sales and retention.

We also give you what you need too, which is rich information that develops better sales and revenues from your online presence.

Powerful Paid for Advertising (PPC).

Using our Google Partner affiliation and experience of all things digital, we can help you to target new and existing members through the power of Google, Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Instagram, Google Display Network and many, many others.

We set out campaign objectives, agree budgets and setup conversion tracking, ensuring every possible warm lead is captured and given a real chance of being converted into a member.

And because we track every interaction, we can assign a true ROI to your campaign and show how effective it has been.

Glo Gym Social Media PPC

Outstanding organic reach.

Creating a strong organic presence online is key to being found by your members, which is why we have a dedicated marketing and digital team setup to optimise your website, its content and your key calls to action, in order to generate improved visibility, which ultimately leads to increased membership sign ups.

Google Search

Superb Social Media Presence.

Social media is a powerful tool that many aren’t utilising fully.

With the support of our digital team, we can help you to work up a social media strategy that increases your followers, improves engagement and delivers true results in terms of membership sign ups and recommendations.

And better still, because we understand the wider digital landscape, we can use this channel to influence the likes of your organic SEO and PPC media.

Twitter Marketing

Market leading creativity and branding.

We’ve helped to build leisure brands from scratch, and we’ve also helped re-position existing brands in a much more positive light in order to change the general public’s perceptions of the offering available.

Whether you’re a new brand starting out or a well-established leisure provider, we can help to analyse your brand message and develop it to better suit your organisations goals and objectives, appealing to your target audience and differentiating you from your competition.

Oldham Active Leaflet Design

Stunning Interiors & Signage.

Customers don’t just visit your facilities for the workout; they visit them for the experience, the brand value, the messaging and the added value that many of us can overlook.

That’s why Cornerstone has a dedicated signage and interiors division that focus on exactly that. Whether it’s a refresh of a studio, a re-work of your signage or a total interior refurbishment and fit out, our team can get the right look and feel, using the right materials that will stand the test of time and wow your members from day 1!

Wall Vinyl Close Up

Ideas that will excite.

The key to keeping fresh and relevant is to innovate and excite your members.

We’re always bringing new techniques and methods to our clients that disrupt the advertising landscape enough to get your brand noticed and make a true impact on the end result.

This translates into memberships and brand impact.

Technical expertise and support.

Our team are also a knowledgeable lot when it comes to the technical side of your marketing too, which is why we host dedicated servers for our clients websites that set them apart from their competitors, and provide 24/7 support and advice that helps to keep everything running smoothly and efficiently.

Training and Advice.

We don’t only help our clients to generate outstanding marketing results; we also help their teams to maintain them too.

Offering you dedicated one-to-one or team support, we can help advise your teams on the best marketing practice for items such as using your website, managing your social channels or optimising a PPC campaign.

Why do we do this you ask? Because your results matter to us, and we aim to build clients for the long term, not just a one off project.

Unique and Exclusive.

Our marketing for your organisation will always be 100% unique, and exclusive to you.

We won’t work for your direct competitors, and we won’t just re-hash a previous client campaign we’ve previously work on, because we know that will never deliver the results that a fully bespoke, well thought through campaign would otherwise achieve.

We want you as a lifetime client, and always put in the effort to gain that loyalty and trust.

Let us help your business grow.

We've helped clients of all shapes and sizes deal with their marketing challenges, and would love to help you too!

We're a motivated bunch with lots of ideas, so if you want to see how we could help, why not call us on 0161 213 9941, or email

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